Our Vagabond House family firmly believes that a world of throw away tableware and disposable gifts is not only environmentally distressing, it also is a world where memories are fleeting and traditions are forgotten. Our designers created the Elegance Everyday Collection for everyday use in our homes, as we hope you will do in yours.
A broadly inspired collection, Elegance Everyday candlesticks and trays are reflective of classic colonial American pewter ware; the Imperial Crown Medallion pieces feature our signature Vagabond House crown, the stemware is traditional in design, yet uniquely detailed with elegant, spare pewter stems and bases.

Simple, elegant, classic design using the highest quality materials is the signature of Vagabond Houses’ everyday serve ware collection. Sturdy in construction for everyday use, classic in design, these pieces are also at home on formal tables. Our Elegance Everyday Collection pieces will not only last a lifetime; they will share a lifetime of memories with your family and guests.